Instructor Bios



Claudia has been lindy hopping for well over a decade, and while you’ll most often find her dancing in her kitchen, you’ll also find her in jazz clubs around the world. Claudia has had the great honour of learning from the Harlem Hot Shots in Sweden, Les Ballets Africains in Guinea, West Africa and her amazing students. A lover of movement, Claudia is constantly striving to better herself as a dancer and a person; quite often you can find her doing this in African, Ballet, or twerking (?!) classes [don’t ask her to demonstrate her twerking, it is real bad]. Claudia has further developed her teaching skills as a professional yoga instructor and a trained clown.



Zac Sluys hails from the bustling metropolis of Chilliwack, BC, and first encountered Lindy Hop in 2007. Since that fateful Sunday evening in Abbotsford, Zac has been a fixture in Vancouver’s swing dance scene. He was a founding member of the 3-time Lindy Bout Champion Team, “Granville Street Rhythm,” and more recently a co-choreographer and co-founder of the “Barber Shaw’p Sextet”—which took home the Team award at Lindy Bout X! With his wife, Christina, Zac also taught beginner and intermediate lindy hop for the UBC Swing Kids (2010-2016), nurturing the next generation of swing dancers in his affable, approachable, and unflappable way. Constantly learning, Zac continues to challenge himself and work on his dancing through a variety of workshops, weekend solo jazz practice sessions, and while he’s teaching in the dance classroom.

Lately, Zac can be found teaching with Rhythm City Productions, as well as at Hot Club Swing, Royal City Swing, and Suburban Swing. His classes emphasize listening to, feeling, and taking inspiration from the music above all. For Zac, the music will always come first: each song lays out its own musical priorities, and the dancer’s privilege is to meet the song’s challenge by using a vocabulary of moves learned in class, on the social floor, and from watching clips of other dancers. The translation of jazz music into movement, and movement back into music is where Zac thrives—and where he hopes his students will join him.


Lisa’s goal is to make every social dance musical and memorable. She is interested in exploring the link between lindy hop and jazz, empowering followers, and celebrating the intersection of music, spontaneity, partnering and technique in Lindy hop.

Lisa fell in love with partner dancing in 1998. Over the next decade, she developed her skills as a dancer and teacher with a willingness to explore movement using various techniques and forms in and outside of jazz. She is celebrated for her ability to follow anything and remain cool in any storm.



Read started dancing in 2008, and got involved with scene leadership and teaching in Edmonton the following year. His infectious enthusiasm and love of swing dance history make his classes exciting and informative. He is the leader of the band Read Fenton and His Happy Hep Cats, is on the Hit That Jive Productions and Nova Blues boards, and is the past president of the Swing-Out Edmonton Dance Club. Read regularly travels to large dance events to attend classes and social dance. In 2013 he quit his job to go on a four month road trip around Western Canada and the States, attending events in San Francisco, Austin, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland, Seattle, and Victoria. In 2014 he traveled to 23 dance events around the world, spending 5 weeks at Herrang Dance Camp, and 4 months in Seoul, South Korea. In addition to travelling and teaching, Read has placed and won various local and international Lindy Hop competitions, and is the two-time winner of the Lindy Bout Spirit Award. His main love, however, will always be social dancing and teaching new dancers.