Lesson Series Info

Admission price for a 9 week series is $60 for members, $75 for Students, and $90 for everyone else.  We accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard.

Within each lesson package, each class builds on the one before it, so you must attend every class within a given lesson package—it is not drop-in. But if you’re looking for a casual drop-in lesson, there's a one-hour intro before every social dance.  Please wear clean, indoor shoes that you're comfortable in.

If you have experience in Lindy Hop and want to attend the intermediate class, but haven’t taken our beginner series, please contact us so that we can place you in the appropriate class.  Completely new to Lindy Hop? Our beginner series is the perfect start! No partner or dance experience necessary.

We teach authentic Lindy Hop & Charleston, true to its origins in the 20s - 40's.

Check out our Upcoming Events page to see when our next Lesson Series begins!


Beginner Lindy Hop Series (9 weeks)
For brand new beginners! 
This series covers key fundamentals and basics of Lindy Hop & Charleston. You will learn about partner connection as well as fun and essential patterns and moves. We teach this at a slow & easy-to-follow pace and we ensure to adapt to each individual’s learning style. We believe that anyone can learn this series; it is a lot of fun and the skills you’ll learn will show on the dance floor and it will help you learn other dance styles as well.
No previous dance experience or partner required!


Intermediate Lindy Hop Series (9 weeks)
Pre-requisite: Beginner Lindy Hop Series
Further improve your Lindy Hop & Charleston dancing! This series builds on the fundamentals learned in the beginner series. You can expect to solidify your fundamentals and partner connection, learn more outrageously fun moves and patterns, and develop a greater insight on momentum, rhythm, shape, and musicality. By the end of this series, you will be set up to start developing your own sense of style and personality, have fun with all skill levels on the social dance floor, and play around with rhythm, momentum, shape and different patterns. In addition, you will be ready for most out-of-town workshops and competitions!


Intermediate Plus Lindy Hop Series (9 weeks)
Pre-requisites: 9-week Beginner Lindy Hop Series AND 9-week Intermediate Lindy Hop Series.
This class is meant for those wishing to continuously learn and challenge themselves in their lindy hop dancing after they’ve completed our first 18 weeks of lessons. The scope of each class will depend on the needs and general skill level of the class. You can expect to improve your technique, partner connection, musicality and solo jazz. There will be new shapes, rhythms, and patterns that are meant to be both fun and challenging. This class will help you solidify the skills you’ve learned so far, become a more adaptable dancer, and improve your ability to be creative and express yourself on the dance floor. The series will be building on each course so if you would like to attend be sure that you can commit to each class so that the class can move at a reasonable pace.