Practice Sessions Info

Admission price is $10 at the door(Free for members).
We accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard.

Interested in some personal practice time? At our monthly practice sessions, we’ll have a dance floor with music available for you! There will be 2 instructors that will be catering to the class but there is no formal structure. A practice session allows you to focus and practice your dancing without interruption! Come with a partner or come without a partner and ask other dancers around if they would like to practice some things with you! Try to think of what you would like to learn or improve on before coming to the class to make the most out of it!

Make the most out of this time!

  • Practice what you've learned in class
  • Try out moves you’ve seen from other people
  • Improve your fundamentals and skills
  • Ask for feedback from instructors
  • Ask specific questions about your own dancing or dancing in general
  • Get help with things you're struggling with


Check out our Upcoming Events page to see when our next Practice Session is being held!