Social Dance Info

Admission price is $10 at the door($5 for members).
We accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard.

  • We start out each social dance with a 1-hour beginner Lindy Hop lesson
  • No previous dance experience or partner required
  • A social dance is a place to have fun, make new friends and create & share special connections with each partner
  • After the lesson we have an open dance floor, playing swing and big band jazz music from the 20’s – 40’s as well as some modern swing bands
  • On the social dance floor, we are safe and free to truly express ourselves. We want an atmosphere that encourages everyone’s personality to shine, free of any judgement or criticism. We believe that there is no right way to dance, only a way to dance. 
  • Enjoy free food and drink that we provide, we also encourage people to bring goodies to share for everyone
  • Attire: There is no “wrong” way to dress at a dance—we just ask that you bring clean shoes. We would also recommend comfy sneakers; heals might not be that comfortable as Lindy Hop can be very energetic. There are a few formal themed dances, so those are a great time to dress fancy—but feel free to dress fancy whenever you please!
  • We do not tolerate or allow alcohol
  • We love beginners!

Check out our Upcoming Events page to see when our next Social Dance is being held!