Beginner 1 Lesson Series

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Beginner Lindy Hop.png

Beginner 1 Lesson Series

from 64.33

For brand new beginners! No partner or experience required!

Everyone welcome. This 9-week series by Lindy in the Loops covers key fundamentals and basics of Lindy Hop & Charleston.

You will learn about partner connection as well as fun and essential patterns and moves. We teach this at an easy-to-follow pace and we ensure to adapt to each individual’s learning style. We believe that anyone can learn this dance; it is a lot of fun and the skills you’ll learn will show on the dance floor and it will help you learn other dance styles as well. Please bring a clean pair of indoor shoes, or dance in your socks if you prefer :) Please bring a water bottle.

Member: $60
Non-Member: $90

Try out the first lesson for $10 and see if you’d like to sign up for whole series at the end of the first lesson. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson, so after the first lesson there is no drop-in available.

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